Friday, August 15, 2008

my teachers......

Let me describe my teachers in school....

First i would like to introduce mr.chua, our 'beloved' chemistry teacher.....
  • he's the one always make our class laugh 'til our jaws dropped, head smashed on the table.
  • like to walk around and ask, : small lil' gal, have you done your hw ah....?? let me check.....if you havent, i'll get a handsome boy to kiss you!!!! we'll see who benefits???hehehehehe....
  • like to smack the guys.... with newspaper..... ouch!!! he'll say: bad boy!!!! ask you do your hw, didnt do! *smack* (ouch......) this one is from your dad!! bad boy! *smack again* this one is from your mum!!! *smack again* this one is from yr grandpa!!!! *smack again!!* this one is from your grandma!!!!
  • when you wanna ask him question..... mr.chua....why is this hydrogen bond like this??? he'll answer, because it's like that lo!!! i dont know ask einstein la!!!hehehehe.... (i hate it when he does this)
  • he once asked us to put dry ice on our heads so that it'll look as if our heads are emmitting gas..... ( rolled my eyes)
  • when teaches some quite easy stuff.... aiya this one sss lah!!!!!! students: what's sss??? he'll answer:' sap sap sui loh!!!! hahahaha...'(cantonese means very easy....aih...)
  • i hate this especially....he gave me a nickname....'mein cheng cheng' ( pale-faced in cantonese.....) that's why i always think that he has a bad taste while giving names... :)

to be continued.....

a day ruined!!!!!!!

got up in the morning, got ready, fetched jou then en route to school.

reached school, got out from the car walk into school...

jou: im tired....* show tired face* lots of hw!!!!
renee: guess what, me too..... life's been busy like hell... what to do??
jou: *long sigh* i just wish they can have the computer here, we dont have to walk so far...hate it!!!!!!
renee: yea, i dont understand why we have to do this every morning!!!
jou: let's take it as a morning walk just to clock-in...

reached the counter, a snake-like queue curling up three big rounds around the basketball court, imagine that.....

the two of us: whooooaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
renee: owh....myyyy....GAAAAWWWDDDDDD...... this is a crazy work from god.....
jou: how are we goanna clock-in???!!!
renee: even the jusco sales yesterday didnt have such long long queue......
jou: let's see if there's any friends around.... owh hi!!!!! vivi!!!!!! i wanna cut queue!!!!
vivi: cut 'lah'!!!! dont mind!

after clocking-in, walk to khaijun standing in front of me.....covered my face with my pile of books, pretending i didnt see him, tried to sneak into classroom.....

khaijun: ms chan.....!!!!!!! where are you trying to hide???? *smiled sheepishly*
renee:now what!!?? im busy!!!
khaijun: come here......
renee: no.
khaijun: come....
renee: no!!!!!!! *already stamping my feet*
khaijun: something serious to tell you!!!!
renee: fine!! what is it???
khaijun: have you eaten???
renee: *rolled my eyes* i knew it!!!!!! *walked into my class*
kahijun: wey!!!!dont go, just's bout the farewell party!!!!
renee: *popped head out of the door* why not you steamboat yourself while we're having the party? waste my time talking to you!! huh!!!

during chemistry class.....

renee: *laughing heartily with our chem teacher's joke* hahahahaha..... *then, i had a sight pollution at my classroom's door*
khaijun: mr chua, i wanna borrow ms. chan for a moment?
mr. chua: which one??? *scrutinizing us with his small bird-eyes behind his old-fashioned large specs*
khaijun: neh......*pointing at me*
renee: *using my file to cover my face* teacher, im absent today........ im absent.....
mr. chua: aih....go out 'lah'..... your BOYFRIEND finds you ah!!!!!!
renee: he's not my boyfriend!!!!! no way!!!!! (classmaes laughing and khaijun too) you are so going to get it from me pokemon(khaijun's nickname)!!!! (classmates laughed more)

mr khaijun, the ex-president of international chess club, my senior, ruined my annoying!!!!

my choice, sixth form... :)

It's been a long time i've been visiting here... frankly, *whisper* i forgot my own password while signing in a moments ago... long....

since enrolled into sixth form, life's been busy and fun!! most of the time is filled with happiness and the rest of it, it's frustrations and fatigue..... but, i'm happy!!! that's what really mean to me... :)

i know i didnt make a wrong choice being in sixth form. i'm happy here in sam tet, i made lots of good friends, i like them!!! ( the main reason is they're all genius...hehehe... just joking...) i get to experience new things, and their standard is high here.... this is what i want. to choose something, i'll only opt for the best. i manage to learn and develop everything i need for my future.

im having lotsa fun here. we have a guitarist in our class, 'mr. siva' *let's give him a big applause!!! :p * he'll do his job during our free periods. we have a math genius, mr. gavin. anything you dont know or understand, just ask mr. gavin. his math hw is always hot cakes!! hahaha... we have a lovely class monitor, ms. karyeng!!! i like her style, straightforward and bold! and other cute 'nerdy' classmates! you guys and gals rockkksss!!!

see, how interesting it is!! everyday is an excitement here. of course, our hw is a burden. everyday math...i just hope i wont have all my hairs blown up like einstein's later on..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

d'you know how to show yr appreciation??

was having a 'girls' conversation with my sis the other day. we were sitting side by side together and leaning near to each other. both had lots of things to tell in our hearts.

my sis was having a lil' 'complications' in her seven-year-long courtship. it's a long one, just like everyone knows, it's a very good one as everyone thinks, but, it's a challenging one also. challenging as in they went through a lot of hard times together, misunderstandings and arguments together.

this time, my sis had no tears with this problem occurred in her courtship. this is very weird for a couple, my sis told me. 'i know im acting abnormally this time.', she told me, in a slow tone. yes...i could see that she's fed-up this time. this lil complication may seemed small, but it reflects a big problem that is not fix by one party, my sis' boyfriend. chances given and taken, outcome still the same, so compromising takes place and patience takes place., in the end, fed-up gradually takes place.

i know things between them. and i know that her boyfriend is good at everything, loyalty the best, but one thing, one important element missing in him, appreciation. we dont know what's in his mind about appreciation. maybe there is appreciation, but no actions and words. that's why, we ballerinas put a strong accent in expressions. if you dont show, how are the people going to know what you're dancing?! this is the same for normal life.

my sis thought that he's from a chinese school, so maybe expressing is kinda hard for him. but, this is wrong. no matter which school you're from, we must learn how to express. every lil' thing that my sis do, she's taking him into account. and she appreciates him. she's always a sweet gal. kind. thoughtful. caring. not annoying. lovable. she's a sweet gal giving all her love, trust and appreciation to her loved one, hoping that her three elements will also be in him and hoping him to show.

she told me that when they were out together to have dinner that night, there was no conversation between them. not a sentence. it was like both person sitting near to each other, but bothe hearts were far away from each other. during our trip to kl, there was no text messages and phone call telling her to be careful and take care or ask what's she doing to show his concerns and love. all along, these lil' things were given a reason to happen by my sis(including me). thought that, guys are like that, it's enough to know that they love us, they are not as detailed as gals.'s wrong.

"should i give him another chance?' my sis asked. "yes." i said, knowing deep inside that, everyone deserves chances when we can afford to give them. and i always like to see fruitful courtships, with challenges in it. chances are given but, this time, it should be in a different way. not as easy as before. i hope that he'll 'succeed in this chance by showing his appreciation to my sis. somehow, it makes me want to ask him 'd'you know how to show yr appreciation to someone? the ways of doing it? we all know that you're sincere and loving and loyal. pls kindly show them all out. come on!!!!'

goodness....why ppl dont show how they feel?? just tell and show! it's crucial to everyone. my sis needs it, i need it, my best friend need it, we all need it.


Monday, June 2, 2008

a special feeling...

i was looking out of the bus window yesterday on a trip with all the junior ballerinas and my sis. it was drizzling outside. and those lil' girls were crowding at my seat, cause one of my junior, viv, was helping them to tie their hair. everyone around me was so excited- the girls, my sis and even the people on the streets.

it always give me a special and intimate feeling while everybody around me is busy with their work or is busy 'in' their minds and i'm watching and observing... a very nice feeling.... this feeling eluded again while i was listening to the music, chris brown-with you and watching the girls chatting, getting excited, laughing and the people on the streets rushing, hugging each other on a rainy day, lovers holding hands enjoying their moments of love, waiting for someone..... somehow it made me feel that: this is life! some people may be suffering, some may be enjoying, some may be busy with their own stuff, some may be appreciating every moments in their life, some may be wasting it away, some may be too busy with their work until they forget their loved ones, some may be missing the others.....

things happen all the time, movements and activities keep on going, keep on going. people keep on growing. feelings keep on coming. pieces of moments of our life may not be all perfect and happy, but i know that they'll be complete and perfect if we know how to put them into different perspective and see and appreciate them always. while people on the streets were busy, while the girls were chatting and laughing out loud, and while lil' girls kept on asking me silly and cute questions, i know that i was feeling the sweetness of life at that moment. i just want to smile and keep on smiling. deep inside i felt so nice and 'lovely' missing my family and special someone. though missing people is kinda torturing at times especially when you're far away from them, i'll make those missings beautiful and perfect and take them as a blessing of life. cause not everyone has the chance to miss somebody! :)

i had lotsa calm thoughts in my mind, lotsa missings going on in my heart, lotsa silly questions to answer, lotsa beautiful music in my ears, and lotsa sweet tender moments going on in my life at that moment, and i was happy and calm. and that was perfect enough for me.

love every moment of my life

Friday, May 9, 2008

i wish you love....

why is it so hard for a person to tell how he/she feels bout a person?? i wonder why... we have to know that at times, if we didnt express ourselves fully, we'll miss a lot of good moments...

we should spread happiness. instead of thinking someone looks gorgeous, why not just say: look gorgeous today!! keep it up!! share the good feeling with the person. that was what leng taught me.yeah, why not? to say a sentence like that doesnt need much effort and you wont lose anything....

why saying i love you to someone is so difficult? i love you mum, dad, sis, friends.... it's so easy.... giving hugs to family and friends is so a very easy and happy thing to do. why wait? why procrastinate? sometimes, bad things happen and you regret you didnt express your love to someone you love so much.

telling someone i love you in a relationship between a male and a female, needs courage. of course you'll feel shy. why need courage?? i guess mainly it's bcz we're afraid that we'll be rejected... yeah well, we'll feel ashamed bcz we're rejected.. but think of it another way, a brighter side, we manage to tell someone we love he/she. we spread our love... and im sure the person who reject us will feel happy and the both can still share some friendship love... right??

in another situation.... what if the person you love loves you? and he/she is waiting for you to open up yr mouth to say i love you, d'you mind to continue yr journey of life with me?? so, if you didnt buck up yrself and open yr mouth to express.... sorry, you missed the chance...

so, why not change and train ourselves to be more expressive?? dont only listen to music, feel the music and learn to be music...*we can easily feel the expressions in music*

i wish you love, it's a title of a vy vy sweet song

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Miss you lots, kim!!!!!!

Kim, Me and Leng during school days.... camwhoring instead of studying!!!

Having fun in kayelle!!! Candy house! :) :)

at midvalley's baskin robin! we had mint choc and strawberry ice-creams!!!

Kim and me in the genting's cable car... look how cute she is. :)

Kim and Me (most recent) girl, look how much we've grown....*sigh* i love you.

My throat's killing me again! I cant sleep with the pain, so i stay up. while listening to the radio, memories of my high school days emerged. so, i switched on my pc and looked back at those photos and video clips of my friends and me....

Though what i remember most is that we just flipped our books and studied alot, spent much time in the library reading Seventeen (everybody was 'prey-ing' on this magazine so you have to act fast to get it),searching for revision books or novels, etc.etc.... i still remember that we spent some fun time together. making fun of teachers and each other, shouted, curi-curi makan kacang putih during boring lessons, stood together as a class to defence ourselves and all that. we sang out loud in class too!! and that was sooo fun!!! in words, we, 5s1 was not what typical 5s1. (there was not much of nerds in our class just fun-makers)

but what i really appreciate and enjoy is that i have a bunch of sincere friends and among them, one stands out. she's really my best friend ever. not only understanding, protective, caring, noisy, quite a big bully at times, volcanic temper too, we never never never quarell (though there would be disagreements at times, we still got along). i can share my deepest secret with her. owwwhh....i just love her!!!!!! (kim, you should be happy now, i praised you alot!!!! heehehe)

she would give the best advice to me. looking back at those photos, i really really thank god that we took those photos together. and thank god that i found you kim. apprecite the time we spent together:

  • we would see each other right in the very early morning everyday at school.

  • went to the loo together (well, we did went into the same loo together! :p )

  • would go anyway together, including ponteng class..(ehehee)

  • she sneaked me into the catering club area during sports day at stadium cz there was the only part that supplied fresh cool air and food!!!

  • we spent every mondays and wednesdays after school period together.

  • we shared food and drinks. not only that, we shared thoughts.

  • recess time was always a heaven for us.we ate one whole mooncake and enjoyed the clouds instead of the moon together!!! fighting for the egg yolks, haha.

  • sneaked to physics lab and got mr. cheong helping us to ponteng moral class! (we studied inside, so, we were not actually ponteng...heheeh)

  • introduced youtube to those teachers! so that they can get to watch ballet videos and others evry now and then without flying to europe to watch one. how kind! perasan pulak!

  • we sang 'sway' together during our school's dinner night.

  • had video clips together.

  • had a half back-packing trip together in s'pore, so fun... and i miss that.

  • shared each others relationship secrets together. (kim, it's now safe enough to announce you and chuah as bf and gf :p)

  • pronounced ourselves as shopaholic queens etc. etc. etc...

  • of course, we ate ice creams could i forget that!!!!

of course, besides her, leng, nicole, steph, meishen im also glad that i found you girls... really glad. dont misund here, you girls are always my good friends... i love you girls too. now that kim had gone to s'pore, i missssss her alot alot alot..... lots of thoughts to share but kinda difficult now. luckinly, i've got leng!!! haha. (attention leng, you're not a substitute of her)

love and best wishes to you girls!!!! we'll fight for our future till the end!! ( leng, we'll search for a goody goody husband and have a nice happy family ya...shhh... ;) hehehe... )